If you own or represent a business that wishes to stock our products, we would be delighted to hear from you. We have sole agents in some areas, so please contact with us to determine stockist availability.

All of our PVC valves (50mm-100mm) are made from a food grade safe plastic. The (150mm) Polyurethane valve is safe to use with food however, strictly speaking are not food grade due to the dye used to colour them. The dye does become inert after the mould is cast and parts of the polyurethane would need to be cut off and ground down to extract the dye. This is of course very unlikely and results in so little of the dye being exposed that it is of minimal risk. If you still have concerns however, the valves can be made in a food grade polyurethane specifically for your order. The food grade polyurethane valves are non-returnable as they are custom orders.

Yes we can. Over the years we have made numerous modifications to valves to suit our customer’s needs. If you require a customisation on your valves, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes we can, this is one of our most common modifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As the body of this valve is polyurethane, once the stainless steel gate is closed, it forms its own seal. Therefore, specific seals aren’t required for the 150mm valve.

150mm DWV pipe has the same outer diameter (OD) as pressure pipe and stormwater therefore, there is no problem.
100mm DWV; we make a 100mm DWV valve specifically for this purpose.
80mm DWV; we recommend using a 100mm DWV push/pull valve with a 100mm x 80mm reducing adaptor.
50mm DWV; A piece of 50mm class 6 pipe used as an insert inside the valve will suitably adjust the bore to fit 50mm DWV.

They’re all the same type of valve.

We do manufacture a 90mm valve.
The 80mm is practically the same OD as the 90mm stormwater pipe.
The socket ends are simply trimmed to fit.

All of our valves are supplied with EPDM seals (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M class) rubber).
The 150mm push/pull valve does not require seals due to the nature of its design.

The uses for our valves are extremely varied. The following are some of the more common uses.
If you require our valves for a use not listed here please contact us.
EPDM are suitable for the following.
Carbon Tetrachloride
Fruit Juices
Hydrachloric acid < 30% concentrated Hydrofluoric Acid Most Oils Petroleum Salt water (strong concentrations) Sea water Water Wine

At this time we do not make a 65mm valve however, an 80mm push/pull valve is commonly used with an 80mm x 65mm reducing adaptor (This applies to pressure piping only).

Check our dealers page to see if you have a local dealer. If you do not have a local stockist of our products, please contact us directly.

If you are a stockist of our products please e-mail your logo and webpage details to ozvalves@bigpond.com.

Yes, we can supply you with a new 150ml bottle of oil.

We can supply all of our parts as spares. If you require new seals however, you will also need to buy the gate components as these parts are glued together in our workshop and the gate you have will not disassemble.

Please contact us for up to date prices.
We do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Of course, please e-mail your request and mailing details to ozvalves@bigpond.com.

We make non-return valves in 50mm pressure pipe fitting only.

Of course. We try to use recycled boxes as much as possible and will gladly try to reduce the impact on the environment by minimising our packaging for you. Please note: if you are purchasing spare parts that require us to pre-grease them it is advisable that these parts are bagged to reduce contaminents.


Ozvalves was founded in 1970 by J.Krutsky (pictured) and M.Tucek manufacturing plastic valves and safety valves at their Gosnells Workshop. They became a member of the Plastics Institute of Australia in 1974 and won the Australian design award for their range of push/pull valves in 1977.

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Our range of products are used extensively in many diverse applications.

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